EDI provides an efficient, secure, and reliable way to communicate information between a shipper and carrier.  We’ve been utilizing EDI for over a decade and currently greater than 90% of our freight is received via EDI.  We consistently achieve 95% or greater EDI compliance and our customers routinely score us at the top of their EDI report cards. 

Our EDI system is able to communicate via the following communication methods.

  • AS2
  • FTP
  • VAN

We have the capability and are currently trading the following transaction sets with our EDI partners.

  • 204/990 – Load tender and response
  • 214 – Shipment Status Updates
  • 210 –  Freight Bills
  • 820 – Payment Remittance
  • 824 – 214 Acknowledgement
  • 997 – Functional Acknowledgement