K&B Transportation, Inc provides a variety of services to its customers based on customer needs and specifications. We specialize in the timely delivery of refrigerated products. These services are provided either on a for hire basis or on a dedicated basis. Dedicated programs can be designed to include logistical support, drivers, equipment, or any combination of these items.

The primary focus of our organization is the timely and safe delivery of our customers' products according to their specifications and timetables. Some of the items enabling K&B Transporation to be a leader in the on-time delivery of refrigerated products:

  • Twenty four hour a day, 365 days a year dispatch operations
  • Late model, well maintained tractors and trailers
  • On-site backup electricity generation which will power the office and entire maintenance operation
  • Off-premises data processing hot-site backup facility. Completely redundant IBM AS400 with 40 operational workstations. Redundant T-1 phone and internet access.
  • Stable and dedicated employee base in all areas of the company.