Drive for K&B

Drive for K&B

Ask a Recruiter about Automatic Equipment Options!

Welcome to K&B Transportation, the largest 100% company driver refrigerated carrier in the United States.  At K&B Transportation we hauled our first load in 1986 with the vision of exceptional customer service, while also taking care of our number one asset, the driver.  Started by a driver, since our inception we have always gone the extra mile to make sure our drivers are satisfied, and all of their personal needs are met.

At K&B Transportation, we have many different fleets.  We have an array of local, dedicated, regional, and long haul positions.  Chances are that we have a position that will meet your needs.  We also understand that compensation is essential to keeping a fleet of satisfied drivers.  That is why in addition to top compensation in all fleets, the majority of our drivers are either salaried drivers or they receive a mileage guarantee.  At K&B Transportation, if you are at work, you are getting paid.  Our drivers do their part when away from home, and if we don’t provide the work to get you a decent paycheck, we will make up the difference, a bold move that most other carriers won’t even consider doing!

Take a look at our site.  If you have further questions, please contact our recruiting department at 1.800.851.8651.  We look forward to seeing you in orientation soon.

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