Orientation Information

Orientation is two days long, in Sioux City, IA.  Lodging is paid for all drivers at the Days Inn, in North Sioux City, South Dakota.  Upon the completion of the second day of orientation, drivers will receive their truck assignments.  We hold orientation classes twice a week, starting on Monday and Thursday.  A company shuttle will arrive at the Days Inn at 6:15 AM on Monday and Thursday mornings to pick up all new hires.

All new hires need to bring the following to orientation:

  • Drivers License
  • Social Security Card
  • A Ten Year Work History
  • One Weeks Worth of Clothing
  • Bedding For Your Bunk
  • A Blank Check If You Wish to Have Direct Deposit
  • Full Names, Social Security Numbers, and Date of Births of Any Family Member Going On Our Group Health Insurance

Day one of orientation consists of driver qualifications, including a road test, drug test, DOT physical, as well as completion of the driver qualification file.  Once completed, the rest of the day is devoted to class time.

Day two consists mostly of class time, with education on company policies and procedures.  The latter part of the afternoon is devoted to tractor assignment and inspection, as well as meeting face to face with your assigned fleet manager.

If there are issues while traveling to orientation, contact Sean Barragan, Director of Recruiting at (712) 574-0634.